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Clean energy from Ruukki

Ruukki Forest Oy, which was founded in 2010, specialises in the production of bioenergy. Our main product is high quality packed firewood.

We also manufacture debarked poles for fruit plantations and vineyards and fence poles for domestic animal farms.

All of our products and production are as natural and user friendly as possible.

We have many decades of experience of forestry, mechanical wood processing and mechanical engineering.

Our partners are leading players in their fields.

We have enough production capacity to meet even high-volume demand.

Our company is situated at Ruukki Business Park

The business park lies in a beautiful natural setting in Ruukki in the municipality of Siikajoki.

The area has been in industrial use ever since the late 17th century. The Siikajoki, which flows through the area, has always been an important transport route and source of power. There have been several owners of the area over the years, and the traces of each of them can still be seen. The oldest buildings to remain in use are from the 1850s, now restored with respect to their history.

Office, production and warehouse facilities, refurbished to address the needs of modern business, are used side-by-side with new developments.

The history of the business park began more than 300 years ago.

In this building our modern production premises and efficient machinery merge with the beautiful old building stock.

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