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Wood from PEFC-certified forests is used exclusively as raw material for the firewood produced by Ruukki Forest Oy. All of our raw material suppliers are PEFC-certified.

We use chamber driers for drying timber, and the drying process is fully automatic and computer controlled.

We also have sufficient drying capacity to handle particularly high timber volumes.

Firewood packing is fully automatic and logic controlled.

Our packing capacity is sufficient to meet demand.

Firewood is packaged in PE-LD film, which can be burned with its contents or recycled with plastic waste.

The volume of the package is 20 litres (L 300) and the average weight is 8 kg. There is a carry handle attached to the package.

Our production fulfils the ISO 9000:2000 standard.

Our firewood is made of birch (Betula) and we can also deliver firewood made of other northern species.

The length of the firewood is 30 cm, 25 cm or 20 cm.

Firewood quality fulfils the requirements of Quality Class A1 of the Standard EN 14961-5 for chopped firewood. EN standards:

The quality of the firewood also fulfils the requirements of Norsk Standard NS 4414.

We follow the requirements of the EU Standard CEN/TS 4961:2005 in firewood manufacture.

Between 50 and 70 packages are stacked onto a pallet, depending on the pallet size. The most common pallet size is the euro pallet.

Pallet packages are weatherproof.

Pallet packages are delivered as full truck-loads.

Packages without pallets are stacked onto a container, which the recipient can hire for 45–60 days if required.

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