Ruukki Forest nokipannukahvit

Ruukki Forest Oy

Ruukki Forest Oy is a full-service partner for creating long-term customer relations with users of firewood and poles.

The strong innovativeness and flexibility of our operating policy guarantee the high quality of our products in order to increase the use of wood.

The high technical standard of our production technology and the capacity of our production machinery enable us to operate throughout the year.

Our production is not tied to the seasons.

Ruukki Forest Oy purchases all production raw materials from as close to the plant as possible.

All of our raw material suppliers only harvest wood from PEFC-certified forests.

The principles of sustainable development are followed in timber harvesting, which is also carried out in a socially and economically sustainable manner.

The raw materials we use do not contain any residues or substances that are harmful to users or the environment.

The energy we use in timber drying is generated using renewable raw materials, such as wood chips and peat.

The materials used in firewood packages are all recyclable and can also be disposed of by combustion.

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